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Whats New?
Informative Information in Formation
New videos have been posted! They are all up now, check out our latest videos on Comcast on Demand! (Utah) They have posted 3 new BadGrass videos on the Band Wagon Live. Goto On Demand > Utah On Demand > Music - UT > Bandwagon Live and look for Badgrass! Check it out ya'll! They are pretty darn good! We are pleased, yes, things are looking up for these ole grassholes. Just wanted to update ya'll on such items.

Also remember our upcoming outdoor gig on Saturday, April 24th in Liberty Park for Earth Jam! We will be playing on the Fire Stage at around 7:45PM or so. We are the last band of the night on that stage, its gonna rock. Dont miss out!

For anyone who is interested, there is a benefit for Earth Jam tomorrow (Friday April 8th) at the Fifth Amendment in Bountiful. There are a bunch of awesome bands playing like Smoke Assembly, so if you have some extra time on Friday night, come have a few with us and support Earth Jam!

Right now the band is working hard to lock down all the new tunes I recently wrote or brought in. We should have them down solid by the time Earth Jam rolls around, and if not then.......for sure May 7th. If you have to miss out on Earth Jam (and I dont suggest that you do) you can catch us at The Fifth Amendment in Bountiful on May 7th! The beautiful and talented Sabrina Blakburn will be opening for us that night! w00T, lucky us! That should be an another awesome show. The last one at the fifth sure was, so if you have to miss Earth Jam there is another badgrass gig a couple weeks later.

We are hoping to get out on the road a little this summer and play some out of state gigs around the Western area. I've been testing the waters lately and I think it will work out great for when we do decided to get out of Utah. Thinking Pocatello or Idaho Falls would be a great starting point for now. We'll see how it goes, but I would love to get out and start spreading the love around some places other than Utah. The band is growing, our songs are growing, our sound is developing and it's about time we expand our horizons a little and see if we cant get the word out a little more.

Ohh yea, we might have a shload of cool T-Shirts coming on the way soon! So stay tuned! Finally, some BadGrass Merchandise! Who would have thunk it. I'll let you know as soon as we get more info on that.

Party On

The Good Captain Balls
Posted on 08 Apr 2010 by Balls Capone
Earth Jam Show Update!
Update on the Earth Jam show! Looks like we will be the last band of the night preforming on the Fire Stage at around 7:45-8:00PM till 9:00PM Saturday April 24, 2010. We highly recommend coming earlier though and hanging out for the whole festival, which runs April 24th and 25th. It's a great time with great music and things going on all day long!

So mark down those dates and we'll see you there!
Posted on 18 Mar 2010 by Balls Capone
Good News!
Badgrass has landed a spot at this years Earth Jam Festival! The Festival runs April 24th and 25th and is usually located in Liberty Park in Downtown Salt Lake City **(Subject to Change)**. We dont have all the details yet due to the fact that its still rather early, but I will post the absolute details as soon as we know what they are. We are really excited to play Earth Jam, as its our first opportunity to do so and jamming in an outdoor festival setting always puts us at our best! So it will be a great show, don't miss out! This is also an all ages event, so bring the family, friends and kids! Should be lots of fun in the sun. A good start to what we hope will be a summer of festival events.

Our recorded videos are being posted on Comast on Demand for the Band Wagon Live! The first video was added March 11 and more should be added every week (I think)! Truth Never Bothered to Care is currently on the list, so check us out On Demand! Here is how to do so:

Goto On Demand, choose Utah on Demand, choose Music - UT, choose Band Wagon Live and find BadGrass #1.

That will get you to where all the videos are kept. It's free and you can watch them as many times as you feel like! Like I said, more will be added each week until all our videos are up. They usually stay up for about 3 months or so. So go see us rocking at Club Vegas live on your TV!

We have also booked a show at the 5th in Bountiful for Friday May 7th at The 5th Amendment in Bountiful, Utah! The fifth is a great place to party and hear live bands! It's quickly become one of our favorite places to play! Plenty of room, cheap drinks, GREAT food and just generally some damn nice folks down there. So mark your calendars for this one as well, we always put on one hell of a show down there.

We have also updated our Pictures section and added a bunch of really great pictures from club vegas taken by Dustin, a friend of the band who does a damn good job!

More Updates soon, remember Earth Jam and the 5th on May 7th!

Rock On,

Balls T. Capone
Posted on 16 Mar 2010 by Balls Capone
The Latest
Greetings Grassholes!! We apologize for the updates being few and far between lately. I will try to keep things more current from now on!!

The show last weekend at Club Vegas was a blast!! Club Vegas always takes great care of us, and we always seem to pull off a powerful show there. The whole night was filmed for a Comcast On Demand show, and we will let you al know when it is available to watch.

In addition to being filmed, our friend Dustin Burrows took over 300 pictures at the show. Look in the photos section of this site in the "Dustin" folder. Dustin is a fantastic photographer, and you can see all his stuff on Facebook.

Lastly, we are playing at A Bar Named Sue for the first time next Sunday, March 7th. Yeah, it's a Sunday, but it's a FREE show, and we are playing all night!! That means we get to play some of our longer tunes that we don't get to play very often, and it means that you can afford to stop by for at least a beer or two and say HI!! See you There!!!!

Peace, Love, and Bowel Emptying Bass!!!
Posted on 27 Feb 2010 by Steve
BadGrass Friday @ Club Vegas for the Band Wagon Live!
I would just like to send out a friendly reminded of our show coming up this Friday (2/19/2010) at club vegas in Salt Lake City! We will be being filmed with a few other local bands for KBER 101's Band Wagon Live! So we could use all the support we can get to get a good croud going! Club Vegas is located at 445 S 400 W SLC, UT....with really easy and convenient Freeway Access!! Club Vegas is a great place to hang out and hear bands, its not some dark evil shithole where people stab each other or anything like that at all. It's a great venue with friendly people and staff that I think kinda has a bad rap with some people. So come on down and support us and the local Band Wagon Live Scene! Get ahold of me or anyone in the band for tickets!!!! We still have some left, but they are going fast! So why pay $7.00 at the door when you can get in for free?? More beer money! It is also Amy Zimmerman's (Doc Zippie's wife) birthday! So come party it up with us and give her a damn fine birthday bash!

In other news I have added some new pictures to the gallery from some of our recent shows and events! Go check it out, maybe your in one of them. By the way, if anyone has any pictures (new or old) please feel free to pass them along to me so I can post them in the gallery! reach me at

See you all Friday night!

Captain James T. Balls of the starship BadGrass
Posted on 17 Feb 2010 by Balls Capone

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