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Whats New?
Site Updates!
Hello good folk of the Grasshole! Today I decided to get off my ass and make some much needed changes to the site. First of all I added a nifty link to the menu bar so people can now more easily access our forum. I dont think anyone even knows its there.......except for the damn spammers of course. So feel free to go post away in there and BS with us and anyone else you might encounter. Second, I updated most of the pages with better and bigger font so it will be easier on those old eyes. Third, I've competely changed, updated and revamped the music section! Now its much easier to download or stream our music! KPlaylist is cool, but I had many complaints that it was too difficult to use and to get into. So I have replaced it with a much simpler system. But if you did enjoy the KPlaylist program, you can still access it by looking down the page on the music section. So those of you (if any) who want to use that can do so. Forth, I added a few links into the links section.....finally. Email me if you would like your link added to our links site! I'm excited, we are starting to get some major hits on this site. Last time I checked the actual counter logs, we are somewhere near 3000 hits! That blows me away! So I know there are plenty of you hitting our site and getting our updates, which is makes doing all this work worth while! smile Anyway, enough about all that nerdy shit.

We have landed a spot on KBER 101's Band Wagon Live at Club Vegas on Friday February 19th! We will be playing with a few other local bands (Meat Wagon and Knuckledragger) getting filmed and recorded to be placed on TV! Yes, thats right. TV. Wow. Here we go again, Comcast on Demand will house all the video's for us for your viewing pleasure. So be on the look out for the episode of The Band Wagon Live featuring your favorite grassholes!

We are always looking for other gigs to fill up the extra spaces between our gigs, so if anyone needs booking or a slot filled. Let us know!

See ya'll soon

Posted on 27 Jan 2010 by Balls Capone
Back To Burt's
Despite having no monitors and some weird feedback thing going on, the show at Burt's last night was a blast. The Rugs from Ogden opened for us and they were awesome!! Turns out some of us know some of them, and hopefully there will be more shows in the future!! We also made a few new friends/fans and that's what it's all about!!

Possibly a show coming up at Club Vegas in February, but no details yet. Also a show at A Bar Named Sue on March 7th. This is a FREE show at a killer bar, so be sure to check it out!!

Peace, and congrats to the New Orleans Saints!!!!
Posted on 24 Jan 2010 by Steve
Burt's Gig and New Video's!
Just droppin by to remind everyone of the gig that we are playing at Burt's Tiki Lounge on Saturday night (Jan 23). We are jamming with a new band from Ogden called "The Rugs" so come down and check out some new music! As usual Burts is the home to great live music and cheap ass drinks, so come on down and swill some grog with your mates ye skurvey naves.

I would also like to add that we have added all the videos from the Liquid Joes live recording gig. Head on over to our youtube video site and check it out! That was an awesome night and again we thank all of you that came out and supported us!! We will be posting the actual live recording in the music section as soon as I have the disc in my hands. I'm guessing it will be next week sometime.

So yea, anyways..........see at Burt's Tiki Tommorow!

Rock On

Balls T. Capone
Posted on 22 Jan 2010 by Balls Capone
Someday - Video From Liquid Joes Show - 1/8/10
Posted on 14 Jan 2010 by Balls Capone
What A Weekend
The shows this weekend were AMAZING to say the least!! Liquid Joe's was fantastic, and the crowd really seemed to enjoy our energy. Kamikaze's is rapidly becoming our new favorite place to play, and hooking up with our old friends Mean Molly's Trio was a great way to start off the year. Those guys are a great bands, and great friends as well!!

Jeff DeWitt got a great welcome at both shows, and his percussion adds a groove to our style that really sets us apart. Welcome aboard Jeff!!!

Our next show is on Jan 23rd at Burt's Tiki Lounge, back where it all started in 2006!! See ya there...
Posted on 10 Jan 2010 by Steve

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