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stand alone player

Whats New?
January Dates
We have 3 shows scheduled for January, and we are really excited to be hooking up with Mean Molly's Trio, and returning to Burt's Tiki Lounge too!!

We are playing at Liquid Joe's on Friday, January 8th, and we are recording this show for possible release as a live cd. We go on at 9pm, and this will be a free show, and everyone who wants a ticket will get one... JUST ASK!!

On Saturday, January 9th, we are once again sharing the stage with Mean Molly's Trio at Kamikaze's in O-town!! These guys are the finest rockabilly/blues around, and we have had some great times playing with them. The first 5 people to drive up from Salt Lake get in Free. Text 801-913-6311 and let me know your coming!!

On Saturday Jan 23 we are returning to Burt's Tiki Lounge to play with Dix Deacon and the Allnighters. Show starts at 9 pm!!!
Posted on 30 Dec 2009 by Steve
BadGrass + 1
As 2009 comes to a close, we are excited to welcome Jeff DeWitt as our percussion player!! Jeff is VERY well equipped in the noise maker department, and comes from a jam-band background, which makes him a perfect fit. He will be making his stage debut at Liquid Joe's on January 8th, and your all encouraged to say HI and buy him a beer,(and buy us a beer as well for giving you the opportunity to buy Jeff a beer)!!

We have also been working on a few new songs that are as yet unfinished, but we really like them, and they also showcase Jeff more than some of the older songs. Contact anyone in the band for tickets to the Liquid Joe's show, and we will have someone outside the bar until showtime for those of you that feel the need to wait until the last minute.

Hope you all have a great X-mas, and a safe and warm New Years!! See you in 2010!!! Peace...
Posted on 22 Dec 2009 by Steve
Rockstar Weekend this weekend! December 4th and 5th!
We are doing 2 shows this weekend! Friday night (Dec 4th) with special guests Jeremiah Maxey and the Bad Habits @ Bar Delux on 666 S. State Street! Show should start around 9:30 - 10:00 PM as usual!

Then its off to Ogden on Saturday night (Dec 5th) to rock n roll at Kamikazi's with (well we hope) a local Ogden opening band. Kamikazi's is located at the corner of 24th and Adams in Ogden, Utah. Its an awesome place to see a show, the prices are right and Ogden always has the best of the best party folk just chillin at the bars. Come party down with us in Ogden, you wont regret it.

Bring yourself, bring your family, bring your friends! Hell even bring your enemies and make them friends! We will put music in your ear canals while you put beer in your face hole! Face the beer! Beer your face! However you wanna look at it. You know its ok with us!

Rock On

Posted on 01 Dec 2009 by Balls Capone
Hot Off The Presses
Attention Mr and Mrs America and all ships at sea!!! We have just confirmed that we will be recording a LIVE show on Jan 8th at Liquid Joes!! This will be a free show, and we will make sure everyone who wants a ticket gets one. We are hoping this will be a good enough recording to release as a CD, some come help us get motivated, or drunk, whatever the case may be!!

In other news, we are playing Dec 4th at Bar Deluxe, and we are working on shows at The 5th, South Shore, and Pat's BBQ for sometime in January. Keep in touch, and as always... comments are encouraged!! Peace...
Posted on 17 Nov 2009 by Steve
Almost Cut My Hair (Cover - CSNY) @ The Fifth in Bountiful

Posted on 11 Nov 2009 by Balls Capone

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