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Whats New?
Club Vegas
The show at Club Vegas was a BLAST!! Although we played first and felt a little rushed, we pulled off a powerhouse set, and we met some really cool local bands too!! Dirty Loveguns are super cool guys and they ROCK too, so be sure to check them out when you get a chance!! As always, Club Vegas runs a top-notch bar and they always do a great job with sound and making us feel at home!!We are off for a few weeks while Preston is in Japan, so check back in a few for some more news. Peace...

Club Vegas 11/9/09

Truth Never Bothered
Bad Dreams
Almost Cut My Hair
Party House Blues
Posted on 10 Nov 2009 by Steve
Most excellent Worried Down with the Blues

Posted on 08 Nov 2009 by Balls Capone
The 5th Last Night
And so another show for the history books!! Another opening band flaked out at the last minute, so we just decided to play the whole night and see what happens. We did some extended versions of a few tunes and brought out a new one called "Truth Never Bothered To Care" along with a few covers we haven't done in forever. All in all it was a great night, and thanks to everyone that came to Bountiful to hang with us. Thanks as always to Sambo and Josh for their help with our gear and helping us drink all our free beer!!!!

The setlists are as follows:

Set 1

The Treasure
Party House Blues
Truth Never Bothered To Care
Worried Down With The Blues
Cat Man Blue
Old Love

Set 2

Sacred Mind
Intro/ Funky Gentlemen
Bad Dreams
What Our Was
Hit Man
Almost Cut My Hair

Encore Set

God And Nixon
Pride and Joy
Posted on 07 Nov 2009 by Steve
A few things today...
Greetings Fellow Grassholes! As the webmaster of this ever expanding site, I am having to take more and more precautions to keep those damn spammers out of here. angry I had to disable public comments on the main news feeds due to freaking spammers filling it up with ads for porn and boner pills. I know how annoying it is to have to register an account to post comments or pictures, but in this new lame day and age it is absolutly necessary.

I have also restricted access to the Grass Fields to registered users as well, just simply sign up for an account and all is well. If I leave it open our wonderful forum will be filled with douche bag ads and lame stuff of the sort. To register an account on the grass fields, just simply hit the link that says "Register" in the top left of the forum. Choose a username and a password, fill out a couple of fields and your golden! Annoying I know, but it has to be done due to all the spam robots out there. Hey, its better than ads and spam right? I think so.

Anyway, enough with the technical crap. We have some great shows coming up VERY soon playing with some great bands! Local and National! Check out the Shows section and come on down! Bring your friends, lets spread the love! This Friday we will be playing at the 5th in Bountiful with a local band called Loose Leaf, it promises to be a great night of fun and music! The 5th is a hell of a place to boogie and party down, lots of room and cheap beer! They even have those little personal pitchers that I oh so love! Come rock out with us!

Monday night (November 9th) we will be playing with a bunch of national touring acts at Club Vegas. Monday night........I know......its hard. But this should be a great show starring us and 3 other great national touring bands. Check out our SHOWS section for more details!

Any questions, comments, pictures, shows, criticism, hatemail, death threats, love notes, sacrificial offerings ect? Post them in the Grass Fields! ("") Its what its there for!

Good Morrow

Captain Balls T. Capone
Posted on 04 Nov 2009 by Balls Capone
Hot Off The Presses
We have just been invited to open for The Supersuckers on their latest stop in Salt Lake at Club Vegas on Nov 9th. They are a longtime local favorite and we are excited to be able to play with them. On tour with them are The Last Vegas, and Cockpit. The Last Vegas is a SBSW winner and is the first band signed by Nikki Sixx to his new label. Cockpit is an all-girl band from LA that totally rocks. DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!!!!!
Posted on 31 Oct 2009 by Steve

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