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Whats New?
The Grass Fields!
I went all out and added a forum to our site. It probably wont get much traffic but I figured "what the hell".
I call it "The Grass Fields" where one can talk and do anything they would like! Kind of a community place for anyone who would like to use (not abuse) it. Anyone is welcome to post items on the forum and we highly recommend it. Get your friends to join. Pesky work blocking facebook and myspace? Well get on The Grass Fields and your home free to bullshit with your friends all day long. Other bands are welcome to add items and gigs on our community calendar and boards as well! Let us unite! Let me know of any problems or suggestions you may have :)

do it

Posted on 29 Oct 2009 by Balls Capone
Another show right around the corner...literally
That's right kiddos!!!! We will be playing at The 5th in Bountiful next Friday night, November 6th. The 5th at the 6th... Pretty easy to remember!!! And for those of you who don't realize it, the house of Sambo is right around the corner, so of course there will be festivities after the show, and floor space for those that need it!! We will be playing with a cool local band called Loose Leaf for the first time, and it's only 7 minutes from downtown. NO EXCUSES!!!!!

And on a more somber note, Josh has once again taken ill with some sort of mystery disease that may be related to Shingles. Wish him well and encourage him to take it easy until show time. Peace... Zippie
Posted on 28 Oct 2009 by Steve
New Lyrics Section Added!
Good morrow good brethren of the grasshole! I come bearing bread, wine and a new page update for our music section! I have added our current song lists (send me a message if I forgot any) and posted lyrics for our original tunes. I will not be posting lyrics to the cover songs, for this world is full of copyright "infringement" bullshit and I dont want any hoo haw or unfortunate dealings. If you would like to read the lyrics for those songs, just simply google the name with the word "lyrics" at the end and you will find countless sites containing them. So go check out the new lyrics section and you can get to know all those words you've always wanted to know, but couldnt understand at shows! How fun, eh? So thats that for now, keep checking back for new updates and shows! There will always be more to come! Remember our upcoming show on November 6th at the 5th in Bountiful! This is a really great bar with good time folk and a great atmosphere! Ohh yea, and party at my place aftwards! So see ya there fellow grassholes!

Posted on 28 Oct 2009 by Balls Capone
Added New Photos, a New Show and New Music!
Good morning, afternoon or evening sir or ma'am. My name is Balls and Im calling on behalf of the BadGrass Digital Grasshole. May I take a few short minutes of your time to update you on the new items here at the BadGrass Digital Grasshole?

First off I would like to thank everyone that came out to the last show at South Shore. You Grassholes are amazing and we really appreciate you coming out and supporting us!

Second, I would like to remind everyone of our next gig at the Fifth in Bountiful on the 6th of November! The 5th on 6th.........kind of confusing I know........hehehe. I know you wouldn't think Bountiful would have a rocking place for bands and the type of debauchery that us Grassholes enjoy, but indeed they do. The Fifth! One of only 2 bars in Bountiful, its a great place and has great times so be sure not to miss this one!

Third, I have uploaded a lot of the pictures from the South Shore gig on the 16th, there are some good ones so go check it out, they are located in a folder called "South Shore 10-16-09". I also have uploaded a whole load of BadGrass history! The long legacy of BadGrass lives on under the folder called "Grassholes Evolving", see pictures from some of the very first gigs at Tony's in Salt Lake to more recent gigs! So go explore the rich history of BadGrass and think back on fond memories and drunken times!

Fourth, we have a new gig! We will be rocking Bar Delux on the 4th of December! So mark your calendars!

Fifth, I have added the "Live at Liquid Joes" album to our Kplaylist music player in our music section! For now I have uploaded the files as .M4U so for most of you it should work just fine, others might have an issue or just have to download them. I will be changing them over to simple .MP3's here soon to avoid lame complications. Probably here in the next day or so.

Anyway, hope to see you soon at a show and raise our glasses in good times to good music!

Good Morrow,

Balls T. Capone
Posted on 20 Oct 2009 by Balls Capone
Oct 16th South Shore Club
The show last night was AMAZING to say the least. Several people told us at the end of the night it was our best in recent memory. Thanks to Bad Medicine Brigade and Fully Blown for stepping up and filling in for a forgetful support act. Also thanks to Sambo and Josh for helping out with our gear and the door!! The setlist is as follows:

What Our Was
Funky Gentlemen
Jet Set
Hit Man
Bad Dreams
Sacred Mind
Party House Blues
Almost Cut My Hair
God And Nixon

Comments are always encouraged!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH!!!!!!
Posted on 17 Oct 2009 by Steve

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