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Whats New?
Greetings Fellow Grassholes
Seeing as our new website is finally up and running, I will do my best to keep current with setlist reviews and just general band news so Pat doesn't have to do all the work. The main thing I am after is feedback from the audience on what songs are working and what songs aren't. New song, old song, whatever. Maybe some songs go together better than others. Let me know and I will do my best to accommodate. We are going to be trying out some more new material at the show on Nov 6th in Bountiful, so be sure tocheck it out. Hope to see you all soon!!!! Peace... Zippie
Posted on 14 Oct 2009 by Steve
Music, Photos and Gigs up!
After hours of scripting and intense work, I finally got the site up! I uploaded into Kplaylist the BadGrass album "watching the grass groove", so now you can stream it or download it to your computer to do with as you please. I also added the picture gallery and uploaded the most recent show photos to it, so go check out our pretty pictures! I will be adding more content as the week goes by. I have tons of old pictures from years past that I would like to put up so everyone can see the evolution of Badgrass! I also fixed the gig list on the shows page so it actually reflects useful information, so that will now be our main location for all you good people to find our gigs. I will update it as soon as a gig is confirmed, so check back often. New gigs show up out of the blue sometimes! The contact and band member pages are also up and working, I still have to place the personal band member pages though. The links page doesn't have anything on it yet still, but thats not that big of a deal. Email me if you would like your link added to our links department! I will be adding the BadGrass live at Liquid Joe's album next, I just need to get it converted to MP3 and uploaded. Soon.

Rock on
Posted on 09 Oct 2009 by Balls Capone
Welcome to the first update of the Digital Grasshole! This is the first REAL web site the band has ever had and we are still trying to figure out exactly how to go about it. So bear with us please. I'm going to update this site as much as I possibly can. This section will be the section where I post all the band news, shows, cool photos, ect. So check back often.

Our new material has been getting a great response and we have more in the works! Things have been good in the song writing department as of late. We also have a few new covers we have added to the set list. We just played a couple really killer shows this last weekend and have a few more coming up! Check out our Shows section for the next time we are playing! We are always looking for gigs, benefits, festivals, birthdays or really anything to play! We just love to play, period. Get in touch with us and we'll work something out!

2 Shows Coming up Soon! October 16th at South Shore Bar and Grill in Salt Lake City with Kate Laduce and the Soul Terminators! We've played with this awesome funk band before and they are not to be missed! The Price will be $5.00 at the door. Then we head up North on November 6th to the Fifth in Bountiful to rock the night away. Yes, there are people who drink in Bountiful after all. See you all there!
Posted on 08 Oct 2009 by Balls Capone

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